Angel Care Cleaning

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Serving Oakley, Brentwood, and Pittsburg Areas in California.

1. We Really care! We take time to inspect your carpets and identify what the needs are. We look at your problem before we start cleaning to decide what kind of chemicals we will be using. If you have pet problems we may need to use pre-pet treatments and odor neutralizing agents. You may not have any outstanding problem and you just want to freshen-up your carpets. We don’t have to bombard with a lot of chemicals. Not all carpets are treated equal.

2. Our Recognition and Reputation says we care! We were voted 1st place as a carpet cleaning company by Antioch Press the only year they had their survey.

3. We Guarantee all our work 100% Sometimes we get called back to a job because “fi-fi” had another accident. It’s not our fault but we appreciate the business and take care of it at no charge.

4. Our Ten years in service tells you we will be there when you need us! We’ve been around long enough that we’re not going anywhere and you can count on us.

5. We are certified by the IICRC! The IICRC sets the standard for carpet cleaners to follow.

6. Our equipment is the best in the industry. Our system is truck mounted and has enough heat to clean and enough suction to dry your carpets in the shortest time.

7. We have reasonable, honest pricing. We have competitive prices. If you just want a thorough cleaning we do that. But if you want the best quality in town we will use products that others don’t even know about. We are able to put back color that has been bleached out. We can take red stains out. We can take Pet stains and odor out. We do these and a lot more.

Call us at 925-755-5005